Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Amcorp Global. These Terms and Conditions apply whenever you access the website, regardless of how or where you access the website.


The process of delivery of the services is as follows:- Once you accept our terms of business you may make a payment to Amcorp Global via a range of payment options, your case will be accepted by our Immigration Case Managers who shall be delighted to confirm all the details on your case with you and ensure that the initial review of your case history and immigration needs have been conducted correctly. We will then immediately and not within less than 24 hours deliver to you and provide you with the following which will be delivered to you either face to face or on a video or telephone call and thereafter supported in an email sent directly thereafter with full supporting documents.


1. We shall review your bio-information against the qualifying criteria of the visa 2. We shall advise you and agree with you what documents you are required to submit to us for us to submit your application 3. We shall then review your documents as we receive them to ensure that they are accurate and meet the government criteria 4. We shall complete your application forms and shall submit your case to the government authority or shall provide you with the completed application form for you to submit 5. We shall provide you with advice, support and assistance throughout the process. 6. We provide consultancy service with regards to immigration visas, the first 3 services will be completed within 24 hours. The remaining services are on-going and will be completed within a period of 90 days subject you providing us with all the supporting documents. The delivery of the service is by live face to face consultation or via video or call and also by a detailed email with supporting documents and pack sent without 24 hours of your deposit payment.


Any information, details document or others form (documents) provided by the candidate to Amcorp Global will be kept confidential. All Information & documents provided by the candidate will not be shared with any other party EXCEPT any 3rd party which is a required for the immigration process, such like a government bodies or Visa Immigration department and case officers. We would only collect your name, contact details, delivery details and email address and all of these are kept strictly confidential. Our website uses secure SOAP transactions. SOAP transactions/messages are strongly protected through digital signature and encryption. Our site we does not collect user account related data only basic info is taken which is encrypted. With regards to a purchase of a service from this site, we confirm that your credit card/debit card details are not handled by AmcorpGlobal. Your credit card/debit card details will be securely handled by our Payment Services Provider. ALL credit/debit cards details or information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third party.


AmcorpGlobal operates a fair purchase policy from any service from our site. We accept that in the following circumstances, Amcorp Global will be committed to refunded a client back in full for any amounts paid to us (not including any third party fees) The Customer is responsible to legitimate claim for a refund of paid amount in a case of below where: aAmcorp Global agreed that the company is satisfied to submit the client's case after that the customer case is returned with a negative judgement. b Team given any wrong advice with regards to Customer's application that resulting in a negative decision c Unable to get Visa due to the our team wrong guidance d Has request assessed incorrectly according to the Customer's qualification for the visa service in the 1st instance e Has incorrectly made a purchase for a service on our portal where the visa service has not been delivered The customer agree that they will not liable to be claim a refund in cases of he/she wish to end of their agreement with services and withdraw from before the time of Amcorp Global submitting the clients Immigration and or Visa application. The customer confirms that before making any purchase that he/she reads and understandsour all terms and conditions. If a refund is issued, we confirm that in line with Amcorp Global Terms and Conditions the refund will be made back to the original mode of payment by the client.