Business consulting

Business Consulting

Amcorp Global fulfills your goals by helping you maximize the potential of your business and then selling it to someone who wil appreciate all you have built, or by finding the perfect business for your lifestyle and financial goals.

At Amcorpglobal, it’s not just about putting buyers and sellers together.  It’s about developing a well-managed and structured transition for your business that meets the needs of both the Seller and the Buyer.  We create win-win scenarios for both parties.  The seller can be confident that the business he or she has built will succeed for years to come and the buyer has the proper skills, desire and financial wherewithal to make the most of the opportunity.


We offer a variety of services depending upon what you are looking for.  You may be thinking about selling your business but are not sure where to start.  We can walk you through the steps.  You may be wondering what your business is worth.  We can provide you an independent valuation which includes comparisons to others in your industry and highlight areas which may need improvement to truly maximize the selling price.  We offer the following services

Marketing your business for Sale

We will look closely at your overall business and provide you with an in-depth analysis on what the proper sales price range is and how you can maximize the selling price.

Independent Valuations

We will develop a detailed game plan on how we would market your business for sale in a strategic and highly confidential manner. This includes a Selling Package and a targeted and selective advertising campaign to identify the best buyers.

Researching and finding the right business to purchase

Finding the right business to buy is not an easy task and there are many factors to consider. We work closely with you tounderstand your background, financial commitment, short and long-term goals and desired geographic area prior to a comprehensive business search. We know this is a big decision and want you to be happy and successful.

Management Consulting – from succession planning to building a sales team

We have over 40 years of combined experience and can support your needs in a variety of ways. We handle everything from strategy and succession planning to realignment and reorganizations.

Lead Generation and Sales Optimization

We work closely with some of the best in the business and can guide you in sales tools that will increase your leads, closerates, and revenues. We all want satisfied and motivated employees, happy customers and a business where revenues and profits are climbing

Buying and Selling Franchises

We can help you determine whether you want to buy a franchise or an independent business. We can do the leg work of evaluating Franchise opportunities and whether they are right fit for your goals. We can help you market and sell Franchises you own.